I got invited to speak at a documentary film festival in Mexico City.  I’ve never been treated so well.  Here is a little snippet of one of my presentations:
I was well taken care of, driven everywhere by the beautiful staff, put up in great hotels, and fed excellent meals.  I really appreciate the communal socializing nature of the festival, very different from what I am used to in other countries. I got to eat crickets for the first time.  They are spicy / salty / savory and taste like nuts. Here is a view from the roof of my hotel in Monterrey: I was staying in Monterrey, one of the places in Mexico that had been overrun with violent activity, and thanks to a new Mayor, became a peaceful place to live again.  His methods are, well, a bit questionable.  And there just so happens to be a new documentary on him and his story that was premiering at the festival.  Here’s the trailer: I got some great shots of me speaking, like this one (now on the cover of my brand new website!) I hope to get a chance to return in the future, and am grateful for a chance to participate in such great cultural events. Muchas Gracias, Mexico 🙂