Today I attended Appnation with Ash.  Overall it was fun, we were the hot chick at the party.  But given we were surrounded by mostly ecommerce solutions, well, that’s not saying much I guess.  Got to meet some interesting folks, collected a few cards, and received some nice praise for Ajax. The high point of my day was meeting an Iranian techie who at first was skeptical about the project.  We ended up talking for about half an hour and I feel like we had a great exchange, with him offering to double check all the Farsi in the book and becoming engaged with what we are doing.  I hope to have more conversations like this in the future, I know I certainly am better for it. Today is the first day we went paid, so I am anxiously awaiting to see our download figures tomorrow morning.  I know I will have to strike a balance between getting a wide audience and running a sustainable business.  Fingers crossed that 8 bucks doesn’t keep the world from checking us out.