Thanks to Ash, I’ve been experiencing some really great comics.  The latest being Asterious Polyp by David Mazzucchelli. It is hard to describe this book.  It’s kind of like a great film, when the best thing you can do for those you want to see it is not tell them anything about it. A lot of thought went into crafting this work, including clever play with visual language of the different characters, and I found the result profoundly deep and emotional. This book made me cry, and then seconds later laugh hysterically.  No small feat for any medium. From the New York Times Book Review : “Asterios Polyp” is a dazzling, expertly constructed entertainment, even as it’s maddening and even suffocating at times. It demands that its audience wrestle with it, argue with it, reread and re-examine it. Isn’t that the ultimate purpose of style? Books like this make me realize now how much more I want to own true works of the comics art form in physical hardcover, for it gives a graphic novel a sense of permanent tangible importance while digital content just feels temporary, consumable, and disposable.  I remember after reading Darwyn Cooke’s The Outfit in digital, how I felt like the 10$ I spent just wasn’t worth it – that this great book would not last in my life if I didn’t have a version that could survive the zombie apocalypse from my bookshelf. Let’s face it, if the power goes out, digital content disappears.  Makes me want to get out the print version of Ajax, just so I know it will be around in 100 years.