So, I’m a bit late posting this up.  But I had a really nice time touring through Texas and Bristol this past year at Big (D) in Addison Texas  and Watershed / React in Bristol UK.  The two trips pretty much blended into a single experience, and the talk I gave was essentially identical, so treating the post as a single experience makes sense.
BigD1 photo-(5)  
In addition to the obligatory BBQ overload (OMG so much meat), I got to sample some very good local bourbon, and took a few bottles home as souvenirs.    
A hi light for me was a chance to meet Moonbot founder Brandon Oldenberg.  I’ve long been a huge fan of Moonbot Studios, since first meeting Joe Bluhm at SXSW in 2011, and have watched them repeatedly deliver great story oriented content, like the Scarecrow short they did for Chipotle.  (The irony of the message is not lost on me, given that Chipotles sky rocketing rise over the past 10 years was due largely in part to a hefty investment by McDonalds.)  
One of the most challenging experiences for me was checking out the George W Bush Museum and Library.  I already feel like I live in a bubble in the Bay Area, and wish I had the opportunity to engage in discussion with those that think differently than me on a regular basis.  I didn’t really know what I wanted when I went in there, but knew that it would be challenging for me, and that I would likely learn a thing or two about myself. I got to sit in a scale replica of the Oval Office and press the “panic” button.  
And lastly, here is the talk I gave (Also given at Watershed in Bristol, from which this was recorded.  You can now also find in the speaking section of the site):