Happy 60th Birthday Ajax

August 19th marked the 60th anniversary of the coup.  And what better way to celebrate than having the CIA itself formally take responsibility for Operation Ajax?  I found it a bit hard to believe that it actually happened, but my inbox was full of friends sending me various links from around the web saying things like “did you see this??” The nicest part for me personally was having the app mentioned on The Rachel Maddow Show.
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Ryse + the Xbox One

So by now, everyone should at least have heard of Microsofts new console due out this xMas, the Xbox One.  Basically, multitasking comes to the hearth space, trying to integrate multi attention span not just on your main screen (like the workbench) but also across connected devices, like a tablet, using the smartglass application.
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I’m a little late posting this, but in April I ended up in the city of Leuven to present on WebDox, a mini conference on Interactive or web based Documentary. It was a bit of a short trip (only 4 days) but I got to do some fun stuff and experience some great beer.  One of the hi lights was presenting along side the very accomplished Jonathan Harris, best known for his Ted Talks and the piece We Feel Fine.
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Disney Infinity

Just released, Skylanders meets Garys Mod… for Kids! Looks promising  I especially love the tweaked vinyl toy aesthetic to unify the different Disney properties.  When I saw other games try to do this, like Smash Brothers, or Sony’s equivalent, the clashing art styles of the different IPs was jarring for me.  Of course, Disney and Pixar have solved this problem with grace and style. Very curious to see how this game evolves in the future, perhaps adapting to play across future platforms and interfaces.

Ajax Tech Tour

I threw this quick demo together to showcase the potential power a realtime 3D environment can add to a comic book. Eventually I’ll add VO, but needed something quick for my impending trip / presentation to Belgium :)