I’ve long heard of the fandom surrounding Joss Whedon as a story teller.  Though I never caught on to Buffy, it wasn’t until I discovered Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog that I fully realized the genius of Whedon. I went into Cabin in the Woods with nary a sliver of expectation, and it thoroughly delighted me.  While not an avid fan of slasher movies, Cabin is self aware in the most thoughtful and clever ways, softening the gore aspects with a second narrative layer that is sadly rare in mainstream cinema these days. The film was so clever for me, that I had to rewatch it in the theatres, which should tell you all you need to know right there.  The first act was even more enjoyable once you knew it in context of the overal plot of the story, and I imagine I may end up having to add this one to my very limited blu ray collection. Cabin is the duality of mundane office politics contrasted with a prototypical slasher film, ending in an elegant trainwreck when the 2 worlds collide.  Combining elements of Cloverfield (same writer, not surprising), The Truman Show, and The Island, Cabin ended up clever and fun in the most visceral way possible.