Sketching User Experiences

Recently a good friend turned me on to this classic Book, Sketching User Experiences  by Bill Buxton.
The general concept is simple:
The fidelity of a sketch is as important as the content of a sketch.  
For example, if a sketch is rough and quick, the audience infers that this idea is open to interpretation, their input, and allowed to be shaped by the person viewing it (not just the person who drew it and presented it.)
This simple concept has come up recently with my work at Britelite Immersive.  We are a full service immersive design shop and the nature of our work requires us to do much exploration with our clients to learn their needs in order to figure out the best solution to meet those needs (which are often complex and require some research to fully understand.)  
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Learning DSLR Video

I recently purchased a Canon T3i (600D) with the intention of learning basic video so I can document my new work with with Britelite Immersive. The first thing I’ve been mastering, aside from the camera settings, is a Kanova Slider (K1, the shorty)
Here is some test footage I threw together to get the hang of color correcting and editing in Premiere.  Really stoked with the quality of the footage, and excited to participate in a professional shoot this Sunday.

Short Film on R&H Ending

I remember when I was first figuring out how to join the ranks of digital artists working in film and games back when Harry Potter first came out. I think I was in college at the time. My path took me to the games and interactive side, but I never forgot about the magic coming out of Rhythm and Hues.

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