Crafting VR at the USC MXR Lab

Last year while traveling through Belgium to give a talk at WebDox, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow media pioneer Nonny De La Peña, who is defining the field of immersive journalism as a PhD student at the IMAP program at USC.
She later invited me down to campus to try out her semi famous project Hunger in LA, which has been shown at many venues around the world including Sundance Film Festival.  I had tried things like the Oculus Rift before, but the difference with Hunger is that it was built within the MXR lab at USC (which coincidentally gave rise to the Oculus Rift) and the headset has a mast on it that can be tracked by cameras, allowing you to walk around a virtual space.
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Last of Us

I’ve been a pretty die hard fan of Naughty Dog since the Uncharted 1 days.  Being a first party publisher for Sony, ND basically produces the exclusive content that would make you want / have to buy a Playstation, justifying the purchase.  So naturally, you would expect that exclusive content to be the showpiece for what the playstation stands for as a hearth space storytelling machine.
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Ryse + the Xbox One

So by now, everyone should at least have heard of Microsofts new console due out this xMas, the Xbox One.  Basically, multitasking comes to the hearth space, trying to integrate multi attention span not just on your main screen (like the workbench) but also across connected devices, like a tablet, using the smartglass application.
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Disney Infinity

Just released, Skylanders meets Garys Mod… for Kids! Looks promising  I especially love the tweaked vinyl toy aesthetic to unify the different Disney properties.  When I saw other games try to do this, like Smash Brothers, or Sony’s equivalent, the clashing art styles of the different IPs was jarring for me.  Of course, Disney and Pixar have solved this problem with grace and style. Very curious to see how this game evolves in the future, perhaps adapting to play across future platforms and interfaces.