I recently read through Clay Shirky’s Cognitve Surplus and it blew my mind. Many great thoughts woven in here, but perhaps one of my favorites is the examination of the ecosystem of television.  A direct product of the industrial revolution, a clever way to fill up the spare time workers now enjoyed with the 8 hour work day. In the traidtional ecosystem of television, you had a one way delivery system, with the content creation siloed, the distribution networks (airwaves, also siloed) and the delivery / consumption device (the Tv set).  Whenever a consumer would purchase a new tv, the network grew by one consumer. But now, when someone purchases an iphone, laptop, etc, the very device they use to consume media is also a media creation and broadcasting device.  And so the network grows by one consumer and one creator.  And thus we have a democracy of content creation, with difference expectations of our audience, as they now enjoy a voice in some ways as much if not more powerful than the original siloed system. Well worth a read.