I recently read through Gabriel Ba and Francisco Moons’ Daytripper. Given my self reflective state lately with the dearth of birth with my peers, while witnessing the simultaneous decline of my parents, it was a timely and well crafted narrative with tremendous emotional depth. Daytripper chronicles the life and times of an Obituary writer named Bras, and uses nonlinear storytelling to weave a deep and intimate telling of his life, while playfully skirting with many themes ranging from romance to friendship to life, and especially death. I highly recommend everyone check this out, especially for curious readers looking to discover the medium. Daytripper, like Asterious Polyp, was given to me by a friend.  This further reinforces my belief that the best graphic novels are meant to exist in physical form.  It is this critical act of tansference that makes them so powerful, and I can’t wait to give this book away.