So for the past several months, I’ve been moonlighting as a creative consultant for interactive comics at Disney Imagineering.  It’s been a very nice well paid break, and at long last the app I worked on finally shipped. The app is called Habit Heroes and you can check it out here. The comic came out a bit rougher than I would have preferred, but the app does do a lot of interesting new things, like reference activities and interactive experiences outside of the core narrative.  So, I got to try out a few things I’ve been itching to play with.  There’s also an avatar selector that populates a custom character throughout the story. I did get to animate the second and third issues myself, and am quite proud of how they turned out.  These issues are due to ship with an update in February, so stay tuned for more on that. I’m grateful for the opportunity to see the vendor / client relationship from the other side, and feel much more confident in my ability to vet future work for hire projects in the future.