Ok, I know I’m a little late to the party with this one.  I’ve had my leap for a few months now, and nothing I have to say about it at the moment will be all that different from the many reviews that have already gone out when it first hit the hands of consumers.
In short, its very cool, very buggy, and isn’t quite ready for primetime.  While that doesn’t mean you should avoid getting one now to play with (only 80 bucks afterall), it certainly didn’t amount to the OMG you have to see this thing right now, it will change the way we use the computarz! experience I think we were all expecting from the videos like this one:

Leap shipped with some cool apps.  There’s an app store, wise move, with some cool stuff to play around with.  Of all the things I played with, the ones I liked the most were the spin faces of little dudes thing.  The simpler and more abstract the interface, the more satisfying it was to play with.  Probably because I really wouldn’t know what a mouse and keyboard is supposed to do to a bunch of floating dancing ribbons.  If I was going to try to use the leap with excel, well, I don’t think its really the right interface for that kind of experience.
In short, making software for this thing (especially on a desktop pc) will require designing the experience from the ground up to make sense for the interface.  And at this point, I’m not sure that its optimal in the workbench space.  Retrofitting it to work with tried and true mouse and keyboard experiences is probably not the best way to show what this thing can really do, and prove its usefulness.
However, for now, that’s where we gotta start :/