I’ve been following the Oculus Story Studio for a while now, and to say I’m curious would be a grand understatement. I think its smart for Oculus to be developing content for VR. In addition to setting the standard with hardware, we will also need a standard for content.

The team composition for this work is also quite interesting, a combination of feature animation design and direction combined with what must be realtime 3D. Its not a far jump from pre rendered to realtime these days, and I have a hunch that the army of VFX artists slowly getting phased out of film will be the new production force of the Virtual 3D universe.
I’m still not clear what the distribution model for any of this looks like yet, both hardware and content wise, but then again, nobody does at the moment. I recently purchased a Samsung LCD Smart TV, and it comes with a quad core android system built in, allowing me to run content apps on it out of the box. It makes connecting my computer to the TV to stream Netflix and Youtube seem absolutely primitive.
Thus, I hypothesize that a fully self contained headset unit that can connect to the web and download content will probably win the VR war. Oculus so far is the old type of system, one that relies on an external desktop computer. The fidelity will be pushed here, but not the portability, which could make all the difference.
Exciting times in the VR warfront.