Ok, so rarely have I ever hi lighted so many quotes in a single book.  I swear, if this thing was tangible, it would be half hi liter. Jonah Lehers work is a collection of essays and anecdotes exploring the creative process, and in doing so, paints a detailed an compelling portrait for anyone who has a creative outlet, trying to improve their craft and invent new things. A couple selections: “If you’re at the cutting edge, you’re going to bleed” “There is nothing romantic about this kind of creativity, which consists mostly of sweat, sadness, and failure.  It’s the red pen on the page and the discarded sketch, the trashed prototype and the failed first draft.  It’s ruminating in the backs of taxis and popping pills until the poem is finished.  Nevertheless, such a merciless process is sometimes the only way forward.  And so we keep on thinking, because the next thought might be the answer.” “The world is full of natural outsiders, except we don’t call them outsiders; we refer to them as young people.  The virtue of youth, after all, is that the young don’t know enough to be insiders, cynical with expertise.” “Her misunderstanding led to the insight.  She was just a mother lost in a foreign country, and that’s why she invented the Barbie.” “We can either all work together, or fail alone.” “Technology inspires art, and art challenges the technology.” “Shakespeare is a reminder, in other words, that culture largely determines the creative output.  Unfortunately, this is often because out culture holds us back.  Instead of expanding the collective imagination, we make it harder for artists and inventors to create new things.  We stifle innovation and discourage the avant-garde.  We get in the way of our geniuses.” A must read.