So if all goes according to plan, I’ll be doing a much longer in depth piece on these apps for huffpost in the next day or so.  But long story short, this week there were 3 interactive comics featured on iTunes, and guess what?  All have connections to Ajax: – Brave Interactive Comic Created by Tall Chair on the same tech as Ajax (Active Reader) and created by many of the same people that worked on both the creative and technical side of the app.  Many were students of mine at one point in time, and the animation and interactive design takes major cues if not outright duplicates the approach I took with my book.  I guess thats the most sincere form of flattery.  Great artists steal right? – Madefire I had the opportunity to go to an open house at their studio a few weeks ago.  Great guys, and big fans of Ajax.  I’m curious to see more of their tool, as it looks to be very simple and easy to use. As for the content that shipped with their reader, the basics of what is needed (Translate, Rotate, Scale, Alpha, Tint, Play Control, and Sound) all seem to be there.  I look forward to learning more about their process and workflow. – Bottom of the Ninth I first discovered Ryan Woodwards work through an animation he did called Thought of You.  Its apparent Ryan is a master story teller in the world of film language and traditional animation.  His first foray into animated / interactive graphic novels is most welcome, and I look forward to playing more with his book this weekend. When I first reached out to congratulate him on his work, I learned very quickly that Ajax had also been an influence on him, and I take a lot of pride knowing such accomplished story tellers are taking notice of my work 🙂 It looks like the tide may finally be turning for the better for interactive tablet comics, and I am proud to stand tall alongside these other developers pioneering this new and exciting medium.