I finally sprung for a pass to GDC and I’m still wondering if it made sense to spend all that money. However, the one thing that did make my week was watchign Jesse Schell present on the future of storytelling with video games.  I feel like I was able to watch a master presenter lay out my theories in complete eloquence, and the major takeaways are here: I’ve been using the phrase “Attention Economy” for a long time to describe these different spaces.  Mine was lumping hearth and workbench together, but I can see the value in keeping these apart, as the “desktop PC” is great both for consuming stories and crafting content for them.  Minecraft is a great example of a workbench story. While this graph may not be anything new, I do appreciate the simple way of laying out the different areas.  Useful, and will likely find its way into my presentation materials in some way or another 🙂 Thanks again Jesse!