I recently got invited to judge the Webby awards this past year.  I considered it quite an honor, even if I am working for free.  I learned a ton fro reviewing other projects from related industries, and have linked to a few that really stood out to me (I can’t publicly post the judging links, so I have to scour for whatever is public online right now): Water is Life I found this social media campaign very evocative in its way to spin the frivolity of how we use twitter on its head to promote issues in Haiti: VW GIFaway VW and Moma sponsored a rare show by Kraftwerk.  However, the ticket server crashed, and tickets got astronomical in price.  VW had reserved 15 percent of all tickets to give away at their discretion, so they decided to run an animated GIF contest to determine how to give away the remaining tickets.  Winning GIFs were integrated into the show visuals, so the winners got to see their work as part of the performance.  Brilliant. Subway 4to9ers Instead of awkward product placement into unrelated video content, Subway decided to create an entire show around teens that work after school at Subway.  So while never directly mentioned on the show, Subway is an integral part to the storytelling.  The show ran as mini episodic original content on Hulu (watch all of it here), and was directed by James Widdoes of 2 and a Half Men fame. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xt41s3_the-4-to-9ers-episode-1_fun#.UP8kD6HHevI There were plenty of others that I would love to post about, but I ended up reviewing over 30 entrants and can’t seem to dig up any others at the moment. I hope to get invited back next year, I learned a ton from the experience.