This week has been a blur, opening for Doclabs was an honor and I got to meet many other accomplished and interesting people in the world of interactive narrative including NFB, Upian, Second Story, and more.  Ajax was nominated as a finalist for the interactive documentary section, but alas, it was not my night.  Still, to have my work considered was a huge honor. The Playgrounds / Submarine Channel event was also a treat, I got to meet a ton of other super talented creatives like David Wilson, The Daniels, Antfood, and PepperMelon.  To be considered a part of the culture was an immense honor, especially seeing Cognito Comics name in the opener: Some hi lights from their work: Daniels – Simple Math Daniels – Tenacious D David Wilson – We Got Time David Wilson – Sushi In addition to speaking at both events, I spent a day at the Hague with an intimate audience discussing the finer workings of my work in a larger socio political sense. I’m a bit torn at the end of the trip.  I feel like without a solid schedule of things to do, or people to see, I’m feeling sad and lonely here (and I’m in a lull!).  But I think I will feel better when I get back to London tomorrow eve to stay with some friends there. In terms of the big “what next”, I’m not sure where I’ll end up yet, but I am looking forward to figuring out something with more permanence that allows me to get a bit more into a pattern with my life. Now to go back to my hotel and chill out.