Its been way too long since I’ve updated my blog. Its the end of 2014, so why better a time than to catalogue all the things that went down this year:
  • Made my last international speaking trip to Berlin and Switzerland while I was finalizing this website
  • Started mountain biking and bought a beautiful full suspension Trek Fuel
  • Discovered TcDS and transformed my life
  • Dated an amazing and wise woman who irreversibly changed my view of what a relationship can be
  • Bought a scooter
  • Became an uncle
  • Got my first full time job in 8 years
  • Turned down the highest paid job I’ve ever been offered to take something more interesting
  • Got bestowed the title of “Creative Director”
  • Discovered film making and bought my first DSLR and Slider
  • Learned basic editing and color correction
  • Landed a print deal for Ajax and shipped a draft to the publisher
  • Threw and epic 35th birthday party for myself and feel completely in integrity with my life
Feeling blessed and grateful. More coming soon.