I remember when I first played this game back in college in the late 90s.  Max Payne played a special role, ushering in a new era for 3D gaming, building on the legacy and hard work of the first person shooters to produce a 3rd person shooter with sharp detailed graphics and a hot new mechanic straight out of the Matrix : bullet time. Well, at least it was hot at the time.  Its funny to think what once took a full PC tower with a state of the art graphics card now runs buttery smooth on a mobile device. I don’t have much to say in terms of gameplay, its the same game with touch controls instead of a mouse and keyboard and works reasonably well for a direct port. The graphics look horribly dated now, and with the savvy eye gained from teaching realtime asset creation for games, the art looks like it came straight out of one of my entry level classes.  Photosourced texturing everywhere, lots of seams on the super low poly character models, bad deformation, etc. Despite all these graphical flaws, hoever, the cutscenes work surprisingly well: static comics panels that fade in one at a time in between levels.  When viewed on the iPad, the experience becomes far more akin to reading actual comics and show a lot of promise for this sort of story exposition in the future.  Cool.