Back in 2010, when we were first looking at the iPad as a publishing platform, a sound designer I was interviewing pointed me to the Nawlz online experience.  Built in flash, I would say its one of the most creative approaches to reinventing a comic book in the digital space, with all the bells and whistles. In a way, it bought us some time that Nawlz was stuck in flash, as the inability to port to iOS gave birth to Active Reader allowed us a different path with Ajax. Well, things have changed quite a bit since then and there is now an export process for getting flash content onto iOS.  And Nawlz successfully found a home there in September of last year. It is great see a pipeline emerge that allows creators the freedom to author their experiences in Flash.  Given how few people are truly innovating in the space of interactive comics, we can use all the support we can get.  And I find Nawlz ever more impressive that it was essentially one guy that wrote, drew, animated, and programmed the entire thing himself. I only have well wishes for Stu and the Nawlz empire.