My google alerts just served me up a link to this. I for one, am super stoked about the implications of Onlive on a phone.  For so long, the mobile space has been the discount bin for mainstream entertainment properties, especially games.  But the hardware has been evolving ridiculously fast.  Phones last an average of 18 months while consoles have been on a 7 year cycle.  With innovations like Apple TV allowing mobile devices to broadcast sound and video on the big screen, it’s just a matter of time till your phone or tablet fits as comfortably in your living room as it does in your pocket. However, part of the beauty of this concept is that it circumvents the need for high power hardware, even though it won’t be long before the 3D capabilities of mobile surpass the PS3 and 360.  Eventually this benefit will make the old model of living room bound physical consoles completely obsolete. “We’re not going to displace anything in the Apple store: we don’t have the games they have, and if there’s no internet connection, people will want to play games locally anyway. They view us like anything else: they have Netflix on there that competes with iTunes. Our Viewer application for iPad has been featured in their New & Noteworthy section, so they seem to be alright with it.” Very soon we will see high budget entertainment experiences come to the iPad as the primary platform, and I can’t wait to see what full fledged studios do with it.  Especially on a device that does comics and film both inside and outside your living room… The future of entertainment is bright.  And Orange.