The rate of change in our media creation and consumption habits has been evolving exponentially.  I just watched a great docu on this democratic digital revolution, called Press Pause Play. Of all the messages in this film, the most potent for me was the way we consume music today, vs the days of the LP. The barrier to publishing, the lack of digital post production, and the tradition of putting on a record and listening to it all the way through in order is now a lost ritual.  Music has become someting we listen to while we do other things.  Its headphones, always on.  Its background sound.  Noise. Another gem I took away from this is the need to teach basic support skills around creativity vs specific tools.  The landscape for digital self expression is changing so rapidly today, that what was standard practice 6 months ago can often end up obsolete by the time you manage to get it into the classroom. As such, I can see more of a trade based training around being curious, and crafty. I am curious how we strive as a society to rebuild that tangible focused present approach to our consumption of media, instead of the multi task short attention span distraction ridden schizophrenic mess we experience now. Im not sure how you protect and preserve our analog past, but it becomes more apparent to me every day that some inconvenient things are worth saving.