When I was a child, my parents gave me a book that forever changed my life.  If there was ever an analogue counterpart to what I am creating with works like Ajax, Search for the Rare Plumador would be it.  I did a mini tour of it in photos, because I think its worth sharing. At first glance, the hardcover book looks nothing out of the ordinary: And when you open it, the first few pages read just like you would expect them to: Things start to get interesting on Page 3 and 4, as the book starts to unfold, and you can pull out a little extra piece of information that tucks into the illustration.  Your first piece of “extra content”… On pages 5 and 6, you get the characters as a “game piece” effectively lifting them out of the page and being able to manipulate them, which will make more sense in a minute… And after that, the book completely transforms into the giant pop up world of “Dragon Island”.  The pages blend seamlessly with the environment, the text merging into the landscape.  You then take the game piece and move it through the story as you read.  You can appreciate how amazing and immersive this was to a little kid… It is only fitting that the book has the word “rare” in the title, as it is long out of print.  I’ve been slowly tracking down copies on the web, and look forward to giving this as a gift to my close friends. Just like with game design, if you can do it in paper, you can do it digitally 🙂