So a while back a friend of mine linked me to the superbrothers game, Sword and Sworcery, for iOS.  This game is a fine example of how indie devs are pushing the boundaries in the app space.  Done in a retro 8 bit style, the game is very cinematic, with music by Jim Guthrie and a hand crafted touch that leaves the feeling you are playing something very very special. There are many things to like about this game, but what I find so compelling about it is the seamless inclusion of a “book” called the megatome, that is triggered by rotating the device between landscape and portrait.  What I find so cool about this is that the in game character is actually visibly carrying this the Megatome throughout the game, so when you go to read the tome in portrait, it is like an intimate extension of the character rather than a separate but related experience. Similiar to the same ideas that generated the Files section in Ajax, this use of the same platform for multiple embedded narratives is the future for this medium.  You can even tweet pre recorded messages directly from the app, opening up a dialogue between the in game and outside world.  I applaud anyone that is attempting to push the boundaries in this manner, and SB S&S is a fine example. Otherwise, this is pretty much a class act all around.  There are definitely places to push the gameplay further, and I hope to see follow up releases that continue down the same path that #sworcery started. Well done Super Brothers.