Storycode San Francisco

In December I got invited to speak at the first inaugural Storycode event in my hometown of SF.  Its fitting that I got an opportunity to put together a cathartic post mortem presentation in my hometown.  I got a bit tipsy, and was really able to relax and open up to the audience.  The result is an hour of me telling all about the trials, tribulations, and hard lessons learned from the 4.5 years I spent birthing Ajax into the world. 
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Happy 60th Birthday Ajax

August 19th marked the 60th anniversary of the coup.  And what better way to celebrate than having the CIA itself formally take responsibility for Operation Ajax?  I found it a bit hard to believe that it actually happened, but my inbox was full of friends sending me various links from around the web saying things like “did you see this??” The nicest part for me personally was having the app mentioned on The Rachel Maddow Show.
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Ajax Tech Tour

I threw this quick demo together to showcase the potential power a realtime 3D environment can add to a comic book. Eventually I’ll add VO, but needed something quick for my impending trip / presentation to Belgium 🙂