In a related post about the cinemagraph, if any camera can rise to the occasion to fundamentally change the way photography works in the digital age, its the Lytro. Its hard to describe what this amazing little camera does with words, but basically imagine capturing all available light, and then using that data to post process your photos in realtime, in infinite ways.  For example, you can refocus and image after the fact from near, to mid, to far. Check out some examples of this here. I expect it won’t be long before this type of camera replaces the standard fare found on our phones, and a whole new field of next gen digital photography opens up. Combine this with the social experiences of Instagram, and well, you can see the future for sharing experiences and memories in the social space is going to evolve very quickly. Guess it was just a matter of time til our phones made that chunky DSLR look obsolete 🙂