Walking Dead was recently coined “Game of the Year” by the VMAs, an honor usually bestowed on AAA favoriites like Call of Duty. So, I had to check it out, being a fan of the comics (and a patient nagging family member of the TV Show).  I tried the game on my Playstation, and was not terribly impressed.  Then, at the coaxing of a friend, I tried it on my iPad.  WOW. Its hard to describe the difference an interface makes, but what felt shallow and unpolished on console was intimate and deep in handheld touch. Walking dead is basically an interactive story fraught with difficult decsions coninciding with Zombie attacks.  The mechanics are very simple, you can operate the entire game with just a single finger.  But its the choices you make within the narrative that makes the game challenging, and that alone justifies taking the time to play this game. Tell Tale has done well with the product, reporting over 8.5 million sales of the 5 episodes across all platforms (25 percent of those sales on iOS). I hope we see more of these types of games.  They are starting to show the intersection of narrative and interactive in a way that most console games have failed to even try.