I’m a little late posting this, but in April I ended up in the city of Leuven to present on WebDox, a mini conference on Interactive or web based Documentary. It was a bit of a short trip (only 4 days) but I got to do some fun stuff and experience some great beer.  One of the hi lights was presenting along side the very accomplished Jonathan Harris, best known for his Ted Talks and the piece We Feel Fine.

The presentation I put together incorporated much of the ideas / concepts and language from Jesse Schells GDC Narrative Summit talk, and I have started to use the words “workbench”, “hearth”, “reading nook”, and “anywhere” as part of my daily language around interactive storytelling.  I’ll likely be expanding on these more in my upcoming talk at Big (D)esign in mid October.
Also, an extra bonus, Submarine Channel, a group of people I absolutely adore, did a little profile on me (and I am extremely flattered!)

I hope my next trip across the pond is a bit on the longer side.  I still dream of ending up somewhere else doing just one thing for a couple months.  Time will tell.